Summer Course Educational Mission Statement

Taisei Learning Center is set up to offer their Summer Learning program, which is designed to keep your student up on academics through the summer. Through our program your child/children will have a head start for school in September. Students will learn Japanese language and culture, Social Studies, Math, Computers, and so on. Taisei is offering weekly terms from June 15 through September 4, Monday through Friday for all day and half day options are also available.

A small classroom atmosphere allows students to be respected for their own uniqueness and explore their strengths. Taisei Learning Center is conveniently located adjacent to Uwajimaya in Beaverton.

 Taisei Learning Center’s director, Hanae Kaneko, stresses that a learner-centered teaching method will be used to instruct students. Teaching will be focused on the needs and requirements of the individual student, not on a rigid, one-size-fits-all formal classroom approach, in a relaxed after school study atmosphere. She wants her students to develop solid learning strategies, problem solving and critical thinking skills, and the confidence to excel in any learning environment. The teachers provide guidance and assistance in comprehending the assignments or homework from school, but the students do the work.

During the Summer time, she created curriculum for students to earn good study habits by learning many aspects of the subject areas.
Because of its flexibility in meeting student needs, the ability to offer bi-lingual (Japanese and English) instruction, and its staff of experienced teachers and assistants, the Taisei Learning Center is a perfect adjunct to programs like the Portland Public Schools’ Japanese Immersion Program, other school districts’ Japanese language courses, Shokookai’s Saturday School, and Sakura Kai. Just as importantly, it is a valuable resource for Japanese families whose children are attending public schools and may need extra help with English studies and other course and homework.

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